The Best Table Saws

If you regularly work with wood in any capacity, there are high chances you rely on the best table saw to make accurate, clean cuts, and you know the importance of having the best and reliable saw.

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The fact that you’re going through this review means that either you want to replace your good old saw that has slowly lost its efficiency over time or you’re looking to upgrade your garage or workshop with newer, more hardworking saw models. Either way, we got you covered.

This article reveals the top 8 tables saws for 2018 that will surely give you value for your money. But why should you listen to us? We spent over 72 hours on research and testing to review the top option just for you; we know how important your tools are to you; and we understand the frustration that comes with spending a fortune only to buy an inferior, unreliable saw.

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How To Choose The Best Table Saws 2018

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As you will see, we’ve also included models across different price ranges!
When choosing a saw, there’re way too many considerations to keep in mind and might be a bit confusing, especially for users who are new to the craft of woodwork. For instance, you need to consider how often you use your saw. If you work in the carpentry or contracting field, chances are you will be using your machine petty often. So it makes sense to invest in a heavy-duty, expensive table saw that will serve you longer than an average model. Here are some of the most important features, functionalities, and factors we considered when coming up with this list.

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Consider These Options Below When Buying A Table Saw

Types Of Saws

We understand different users have different needs and preferences, so we went ahead and included a variety of different saws on our list such as cabinet saws, contractor’s saws and hybrid saws. This is to ensure you don’t miss a machine on our list that addresses your unique needs.

Voltage Requirements

Power consumption is one of the highest costs of running a saw. On our list, you’ve tried our best to stay on the low energy consumption end with even some extremely portable models. But you will also find some heavy duty commercial units for users with heavy workloads.


Saws are statistically the most dangerous woodwork tools available today. So it makes sense to consider a model with safety features that you can actually use. For this reason, we had to go for the highest rated models in terms of safety. Some of the safety features we were looking out for include the riving knife, paddle-style switches, Anti-kickback pawls, blade brakes, and blade guards.

Miter Gauge

Another very important aspect to consider. The meter gauge needs to be sturdy and its angles easily adjustable. When the lock is tightened in place, the angles should remain firm. It should also glide easily along the rails with no sloppiness. We’ve considered all these and you can trust that you will get precise cuttings with any saw on our review list.


Other important features and functionalities we considered across our selections include blade factors, bevel capability, fence type, dust collection, and so on. We’ve highlighted some of the most important features of each model for your ease of choosing.

User Reviews

We also had to consider the input, feedback, and reviews from other users just to give you the real picture of what it feels like to use each saw model. We scrolled through endless pages of reviews on online stores such as Amazon, industry blogs and product websites that were kind enough to share what their users are saying. As you would expect, our list is made up of only the highest rated saws, but we don’t hesitate to bring out downsides if any, as you will see in our pros and cons section of each product.

Having considered all the above features, functions and factors, we come up with this list of the top 8 saws in the market.

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The Powermatic PM1000 takes after its bigger brother, the PM2000, and it can perfectly fit into your home’s workshop without having to rewire or redesign you anything. Straight out of the crate, you will notice the PM1000 is a well-built table saw. The saw comes with a massive base that will firmly anchor the saw on the floor of your workshop or garage. At a first glance, you can easily mistake this saw for an industrial-grade cabinet saw.

Delving under the hood, you will like the blade-adjustment system and plenty of highly machined and cast parts. The angle and height adjustments are easy and smooth, while the polished 7-inch hand wheels remind you of the Powermatic 66. The 1-3/4-horsepower motor operates on a standard 115-volt current, which means this machine can plug into pretty much any outlet in your home.

The throat plate design locks positively into the table while the swing-away motor cover facilitates easy access to the machine’s motor as well as the cabinet when you want to clean excess dust. The dust generated by the PM1000 is channeled through the shroud located at the lower part of the blade and collects into the 4-inch dust port at the rear. You will occasionally need to open the motor cover when the dust cabinet fills to clear it.

There is also a guard system that you can easily remove together will the anti-kickback pawls off the splitter. The Rout-R-Lift system allows you to make similar types of cuts you would make using a router. The backlash lets you use its table as-is, adjust the settings and restore it to its original settings in minutes.

The caster system features, large casters at the bottom, to make moving the machine easy by simply unlocking the wheel, rolling it to your new spot and locking the wheels in place once again. The large surface fencing system together with the rails enable you to handle any project, even the widest sheets, and boards with ease.

Best Table Saw“This saw is equipped with all the characteristics and features that you will need; dust collection capability, extra table space, portable design and strong fence.”
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The Good

  • It’s durable and has low running cost
  • Has extra table space
  • Very sturdy
  • It’s Single-phase 1hp motor offer top speed of up to 4,200 rpm
  • 7-inch wheels are ergonomic and facilitate height and level adjustments
  • The reliable Poly-V belt enables quiet operation
  • Has a dust collection hose which keeps your environment clean
  • Accu-Fence helps you to make straighter cuts

The Bad

  • The saw might seem a little underpowered if the drive-belt loosens up
  • The blade guard might make contact with the blade if pushed towards.

Right out of the crate, assembling the XACTASAW is pretty easy; all you need is time and some patience. You might need one extra person to help with the unpacking and setting the machine up as it weighs a little over 500 pounds. Their assembly manual is quite detailed and easy to follow, if you’re experienced with this type of saws, it won’t take you over an hour to have it up and running.

This Deluxe XACTASAW has some of the most impressive features on the market. The integrated arbor lock and the quick-release riving knife are included to enhance efficiency and keep you safe during operation. This particular model comes with an upgraded Poly-V belt system for optimal power transfer and smooth operation. If dust is one of your concerns, the fully shrouded blade has got your concerns addressed.

The XACTA comes with a large, cast-iron table that measures 29 inches x 42 inches to provide a wider working surface for large projects. Under the table sits a heavy-duty, cast-iron trunnion system that facilitates stability, exceptional performance, nearly vibration-free, quiet operation. The built-in 12.5-inch x 18inch x 4inch storage cabinet keeps your tools as accessories within reach. There is also miter gauge and on-board fence storage.

The 8-inch diameter, heavy, cast-iron handwheels allow you to effortlessly and precisely operate the bevel, gear drives, and blade height adjustments, and they remain smooth even after years of use. The Left-Tilting Design means that when cutting bevels, the blade tilts away from the fence to prevent the piece you’re working on from being trapped between the blade and the fence.

If you missed the part about safety, this is just to remind you that the XACTA takes your safety seriously. It comes with the anti-kickback pawl, high-tech modular blade guard, as earlier mentioned, the riving knife assembly. It also has an industrial On/Off Switch which protects your motor from the damaging power fluctuations. The switch also prevents the machine from restarting automatically and unexpectedly after power failure as you will be required to press the “on” button for it to restart.

Best Table Saw“Overall, XACTASAW table saw has everything where it should be, which makes starting, stopping and feeding wood pieces through quite easily. The miter gauge is also one of its strong points; it’s much better compared to any third-party miter gauge you can buy in the market. “
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The Good

  • Extra-wide 50-inch rip capacity to the right of the blade
  • Durable and Powerful 3HP motor which can cut pretty much any type of wood.
  • The Cast iron construction offers the much-needed durability
  • The storage drawer is a nice addition for keeping components and accessories that you’re not using.
  • The shrouded blade ensures that dust is efficiently collected and your air remains dust free.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Excellent customer care service.
  • More affordable compared to table saws with the same capability

The Bad

  • Assembly needs both metric and SAE tools.
  • Wiring block terminals have low-quality screws.
  • At 90 degrees, the maximum cut is limited to 3 inches.

The Grizzly G0690 bears the workmanship and durability that the Grizzly brand has been known for in the very many years they have been in business. When it comes to smooth operation and impeccable performance, this high-end unit stands out as one of the best. The saw has lots of useful features and it can handle any size of a project without much hassle. The 3HP motor offers more than enough power to take on any major task.

The G0690 is one of the most stable best table saws in the market. It’s made of the extremely durable material. The base is actually square; it doesn’t rest on four corners, which makes it even more stable. The precision and accuracy are pretty good too. Safety is also when taken care of, so there is no major concern to worry about.

Assembling the G0690 is not as complicated as most models, and it should take you less than 3 hours to set it up and configure all the necessary settings. All the parts are marked clearly and it comes with a reasonably detailed manual that will offer you useful instructions. If you plan to use a mobile base, it’s a good idea to assemble the saw straight from the base, as it might be more difficult to move it to the mobile base after that.

One of the most outstanding selling points of this machine is its superb design, which couples perfectly with its exceptional performance and quality. Other than stability, the Grizzly G0690 is sturdily and stylishly built. The wings and trunnions are made of solid and heavy iron that minimizes vibrations. With this design, nothing slips or moves when working on your piece.

The G0690 offers 3 1/8 inches depth of cut at 90 degrees. The top of the table with its extension is 27 inches X 40 inches of solid cast iron. It’s also nicely milled with a very smooth finish. The miter gauge is high quality and solid, marked in 1-degree increments with an adjustment knob. The dust collection system consists of a 4-inch port that connects to a shop-vac. The fence is made of solid steel and slides effortlessly on the rails and is held firmly in place by the cam-lock after setting.

Best Table Saw“The Grizzly G0690’s performance is quite remarkable compared to most models in the market. Part of its commendable performance is attributed to the powerful 220-volt 3 HP triple belt drive motor. The motor delivers around 4,370 RPM of arbor speed. In addition, the triple V-belt facilitates efficient power transfer ensuring that you get a clean, smooth, accurate and even cut regardless of the size of wood you’re tackling. Overall, the structure of the table is good as it offers adequate height with a clear base for amble working.”
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The Good

  • The performance is remarkable and it will make your woodwork a pleasant undertaking
  • Has a stylish design that will surely spice up your workshop
  • It’s a safe machine thanks to safety features such as the blade guard and the magnetic switch.
  • Detailed user manual for smooth set up and operation
  • The machine is solidly stable thanks to the heavy solid base and innovative engineering.
  • Noise levels and vibrations are at bare minimum

The Bad

  • A few users have mentioned that assembling is quite a task
  • The green bottom decal tends to peel off much earlier, this, however, doesn’t affect performance
  • The included blade is a little off from a professional standpoint.

The Ridgid 4512 is a heavyweight contractor table saw weighing a hefty 268 lbs. If you’re going to have a relatively permanent jobsite, then you might as well go with this machine as the saw of your choice. The machine combines the benefits of stationary cabinet saws such as cast iron top, great dust collection, adjustable fence, and full-depth T-Slots with the benefits of the contractor saw like reasonable price, low amperage draw and portability. This hybrid saw has become a favorite for hobbyist woodworkers as well as the pros.

The RIDGID R4512 comes in a large box and will take you about one and a half to two hours to assemble and about another hour to fine-tune and level it. Their manual is quite detailed and you will get all the details on how to assemble, fine-tune and operate. Right out of the box, the machine is wired as 110 volts, but you can easily convert it to 220 volts, thanks to the very detailed manual. It only takes about 10 minutes to make this conversion. The motor and saw are surprisingly very quiet and produce very minimal vibration.

The 4512 saw comes with a 40 10-inch tooth carbide tipped blade. The blade supplied offers pretty fine cuts, but you might notice some improvement if you replace them with blades suited for your particular cutting needs. The saw has a standard 5/8″arbor, meaning it will fit any standard 10-inch saw blade.

Best Table Saw“The 4512 is equipped with an aluminum fence that runs on the aluminum rails embedded on both the back and front saw. The fence glides effortlessly in the rail and firmly locks in place after setting. The miter gauge is pretty good too. The miter slots on the table in a standard ” inch x 3/8 inch t-style slot which give you an option to replace it with other aftermarket miter gauges if you prefer. Overall, the RIDGID R4512 is a pretty decent saw that will give you smooth, quiet and powerful performance that can easily handle any workpiece you throw at it.”
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The Good

  • It’s a versatile model that can tackle pretty much any type of work
  • It’s affordable
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Comes with a portable wheelbase
  • Has a powerful 3 Amp motor that delivers up to 3400 RPM
  • Cast iron table reduces vibration
  • Lifetime RIGID service warranty
  • Has a totally enclosed cabinet that reduces noises and contains dust

The Bad

  • The onboard storage cabinet is pretty small for some users
  • The quality of the wheels is not up to the pro level
RIDGID R4512 10 in. 13-Amp Cast IronTable Saw
List Price: $741.40
Price: $741.40
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Construction Site Models

The DEWALT DWE7491RS is improved and offers more accuracy and efficiency when cutting compared to the previous models. This machine allows you to cut wood material of different depths and varying degrees. It offers a 1-1/8 depth of cut at 90 degrees and a 2/1/4 depth of cut at 45 degrees.

The powerful 15-amp motor with its 4800 rpms makes it effortless to cut through hardwood. The 32-1/2-inch rip capacity enables you to effectively trim materials including large shelve cutting. Generally, this combination makes the cutting of materials easier and quicker. This saw table weighs only 110 pounds and comes with a rolling stand which makes it one of the most portable models in the market. The stand has heavy-duty wheels that allow you to move the saws from jobsite to jobsite with relative ease. The stand can also be easily and quickly deployed, stored and transported.

The DEWALT DWE7491RS comes with a durable and sturdy 26-1/4 x 22-inch table that offers a pretty good support for whatever material you want to rip. The fence is controlled by pinion and rack gears, which enables you to adjust it smoothly and quickly. You can also make accurate fine adjustments using this system.

For those with storage concerns, clever in-built storage system offers convenient storage and access to components including the Blade Guard system, riving knife, wrenches, miter gauge, push stick, cord rap and fence when the machine is not in use. The dust collection cabinet which can be attached to a standard vacuum is a handy feature for keeping your environment clean. The dust is collected below and above the blade housing which means you don’t have much dust to clean after.

Best Table Saw“The DWE7491RS also comes with a power loss reset switch which means that in case power is interrupted, the saw will automatically reset and won’t restart once the power is restored. You have to press the “On” button for the machine to start running again. Overall, this DEWALT model has had a lot of thought and effort put into it to make it one of the highest ranked best table saw on the market. “
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The Good

  • It features a powerful motor that can cut through any type of wood.
  • The 32-1/2 inch rip provides extra cutting width
  • Efficient pinion and rack system enables smooth, accurate and easy fence adjustment
  • The rolling stand makes it extremely portable
  • The extra cutting width support on the fence allows for narrow cutting.
  • Relatively affordable offering value for money.
  • Safety features provided including blade guard assembly and magnetic on/off safety switch.

The Bad

  • The speed is not optimum for large materials
  • The saw accepts a dado plate but doesn’t come with it or a place for it to be stored.

Bosch is a currently a household name when it comes to both power tools and appliances, and the brand is well known for its high-quality products. The good news is, their table saws are no exception. The table saw is packed with clever useful gadgets and features that allow you to work easier and deliver top-notch work every single time.

The Bosch 10-Inch Worksite table saw operates on a 15-amp electric motor which generates up to 4hp and 3,650 RPM. The saw comes with a 10-inch diameter table and a rip capacity of 25 inches. There is also an arbor lock mechanism that allows you to change the blade without much hassle.

One of the features that set this table saw aside is the SquareLock Rip Fence. It’s made from machined aluminum and effortlessly slides on the rail with no trouble, letting you fix positions with ease. Most users have reported that the fence feels very solid, precise and accurate.

The miter gauge is however not their strongest selling points as a few users have noted that it’s not as solid as they expected. However, with a little practice, you should be able to have it fit better. The table measures 29 inches by x 21.5 inches making this saw is suitable for tackling large wood stock and sheets of material. The aluminum table is quite smooth meaning you can slide even the widest pieces with minimum effort.

The Bosch Smart Guard System has been improved and now includes a riving knife, a blade guard, and the anti-kickback pawls. These components can be attached and detached without any tools, thanks to its highly modular construction. The aluminum blade guard splits down in the middle leaving the measurement marks clearly visible.

Best Table Saw“The Smart Guard System with its riving knife also acts as an anti-kickback system. You can adjust the blade’s height by simply operating the elevation wheel on the front end of the saw. If you want to make bevel cuts, you can set this using a switch located behind the wheel. You can also set the angle between 0 and 45 degrees and lock it in place using the handle. “
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The Good

  • Has wheeled base for enhanced portability
  • Parts and Accessories are easy to find
  • Quality materials for most of its parts
  • Safe to operate thanks to the blade guard system, anti-kickback pawls, and riving knife.
  • Efficient power motor delivering up to 3,650 RPM
  • Precision cutting
  • Large cutting table and ripping capacity to handle up 25 inches wide
  • Designed for longevity and durability

The Bad

  • The motor can get a little loud after a year or so without proper maintenance
  • A few users report that the miter is not as solid.

The SKILSAW SPT99-11 is one of the SKILSAW’s latest table-saw lineup. This saw delivers an aggressive depth cut of 3-5/8-inches, superior torque, and an impressive 30 �-inch rip capacity. The pinion and rack system makes adjusting the fence quick and smooth for accurate cuts. The Patented Dual-Field Motor is self-cooling meaning it can work harder for longer. The motor allows you to cut at 4x the speed of a regular table saw.

Right out of the box, the Skilsaw SPT99-11comes with a wide range of tools that make handling any size of the project a walk in the park. It includes a detachable dust port which separates the sawdust from debris for ease of clean up. The rugged stand offers dependable stability while the 16 Inch wheels can easily roll on rugged surfaces and stairs to pretty much anywhere you want to set your saw. The saw is quite versatile too, from crosscutting to ripping and hardwood to engineered woods.

Other parts provided include the 24-Tooth carbide blade, SPT99-11 rolling stand, miter gauge, dust elbow, push stick, insert plate, smart guard system, anti-kickback device, rip fence and a wrench.

The miter gauge has clear, accurate engraving, and it’s pretty solid too. But some users have found superior replacements for their professional works. Changing the blade position for diagonal cuts is quite easy. You can also lock the blade in place to avoid injury while still maintaining the accuracy.

Best Table Saw“I also noticed that the blade’s height adjustment is quite efficient. There are two gears that run in opposite directions. One crank gear is vertical, and the other one is horizontal. The movement pushes the blade down or up accordingly. The best part is that all the gear apparatus are made of metal and won’t wear out even after years of regular use. “
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The Good

  • Powerful motor to cut through all types of wood
  • Worm drive system facilitates a higher rip cut capability at 30″ Inches.
  • Dedicated dust emission and collection system
  • Skilsaw SPT99 is compatible with saw accessories and parts from other companies
  • Has a dedicated stand with a wheel lock system
  • Has an efficient fence movement system
  • Smart Guard System also includes Anti-Kick Back Device for added safety
  • The dust elbow separates sawdust from debris for a cleaner environment
  • Offers an aggressive cutting depth of 3 – 5/8 inches at 90 degrees.

The Bad

  • Highly priced compared to competitors
  • There is room for improvement on their miter gauge
  • It’s relatively heavier to be a portable table saw.

This portable and compact table saw is made out of solid, heavy-duty steel, which makes it a little heavier, but even more durable. Some portable table saws tend to be too light, and some even a little flimsy, but thankfully, that’s not the case with SKIL 3410-02.

Despite its robustness and solid construction, you can still transport it from one job site to the next with relative ease, thanks to the foldable stand. It, however, doesn’t come with wheels, and given that it weighs about 67lbs, picking it up and carrying it around maybe a hassle for some people.

The SKIL 3410-02 measure 28.9 inches by 13 inches by 20.9 inches which makes it pretty compact. The table’s surface is made out of cast aluminum and it runs on a 15-amp, 120-volt motor which is incredibly powerful, delivering 5,000 RPM. The motor specs simply mean it can handle anything you throw its way.

The performance of this saw impressed me remarkably, and that seems to be the case with most people who have used it. The saw has a cutting depth of 3-1/2 inches at 90 degrees and up to 2.5 inches at 45 degrees. Additionally, the saw comes with a self-aligning fence which ensures accuracy and consistency in every cut. It uses a 10” blade and its rip capacity of is 12 inches left and 24.25 inches right.

Best Table Saw“This table saw addresses basic safety concerns quite well. It has a riving knife designed to prevent kickback. There is also a safety blade guard which can be easily and quickly attached and detached within seconds. There is also an onboard storage which can house all the necessary tools and attachments you might need. Overall, the SKIL 3410-02 is a portable, compact and durable benchtop saw capable of tackling DIY tasks as well as professional projects of any size. It’s built around a powerful engine, supported by a heavy-duty steel stand which in combination outperforms even the more expensive models.”
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The Good

  • Affordable
  • Compact and highly mobile
  • Easy to use with a comprehensive user manual
  • Precise and accurate cuts
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Powerful 120-volt, 5,000 RPM motor
  • Anti-kickback pawls and blade guard for safety.

The Bad

  • No dust collection cabinet
  • Riving knife isn’t easily adjustable around the blade.
Bottom Line
Well, there you have it. As promised, we’ve tried to include saw models of different designs, functionalities, and capacities across a wide price range. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight, portable and affordable model for your DIY project or a heavy-duty, high-end model for your professional or commercial project, you can be sure to get just the perfect table saw within your budget on our list. When you find the model you think will get the job done, feel free to click through to Amazon and find out more.