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All-Saws is an independent 3rd party product review blog. We conduct reviews in-depth product research to help readers save time, effort and avoid purchasing a lemon. You can also check out how we make money without adding any bias to our reviews.

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I’m Phil, and I will be your guide in our journey! Let me help you find the “right” tool that you’ll need, at the right price.

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Things you should consider

Gas Or Electric

Many will tell you take gas is the only choice and that electric is crap, but improvements are made everyday and some newer models are quite impressive.

Motor Power

The power of the saw will determine the size of the job it can do. Have a saw that is too big is cumbersome, and one underpowered will take extra valuable time.

Parts Availability

You’ll want a saw that you can fix, sometimes with the cheaper brands, getting parts is impossible and replacing the whole unit is needed, sometimes spending the extra buck goes a long way!

The Price

As you’ll find out, the prices on many items vary, BIG time. In out jigsaw reviews, saws went from 75 bucks,  to the 500 dollar mark!

Your Usage

Are you a backyard woodworker, or you going to be using these tools on the job? Or even better, maybe your a master finisher! This will affect the tool you need.


Having the peace of mind of warranty from a reputable company is a good feeling, especially when your spending your hard earn money.

You should also know…

Here, you will find that we’ve answered every single saw-related question you may have, including the best types of saws for various jobs, the most affordable saws, saws for people with different levels of experience, and the best all-round saws for day-to-day projects.

Are We Missing Something?

Is there a review that you’d like to see that we are missing? We go out and purchase items from the commision of this website and make reviews for our visitors. Got something in mind?